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Fat Phobia

Really, can you just get over yourselves now?

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This guy asks the question, "If a fat lady falls in the forest and nobody sees it, is it still funny?"  Uh, no, and neither are you.  Mirror lately? 



I may be vegan, but I hate PETA.   I don't hate them just because of their incredibly demeaning attitude towards fat people, but it sure doesn't help.  Do they seriously have no idea how many fat veg*ns there are?  I've learned that this particular ad was discontinued after complaints, but they still demean fat people, as with their latest attack on Michael Moore.  Write them here.



Stupid! Lazy! Gluttonous! The publisher recommends this gem for preschool through grade 2.  Way to go, Brown and Wells. 

 Alli is the newly approved US weight loss drug. You are warned to start this when you don't have to go to work for a few days, and not only to wear dark clothing, but to keep a change on hand. No big thing....just a little anal leakage.   All so you can lose 3 more pounds than you would through diet and exercise alone.....over FIVE YEARS.  Thank GlaxoSmithKline here.


Thanks to Pfizer your dog can share in your 

anal leakage experience, too!  Slentrol, for

a total bonding experience with your pet. Just pray that you don't both have to go at the same time.

This picture is the illustration for this fictional story about having sex with a fat woman. Har.

This is Bill Bryson.  For a short while, he was one of my favourite newly-discovered authors.  Did I unwittingly choose his books in the order in which he went from being genuinely funny to stooping to mean, fat phobic humour?  Not to say he is demeaning only to fat people...he appears to have become increasingly bigoted and gripey about all kind of things.  At first he was amazingly funny, but then the low humour started here and there.  Not enough to make me give up on him completely, but enough to give me pause.  Each book got a little bit worse, and then, just a little while ago, this.......

"The other three diners arrived--a rotund mother and father and an even larger teenaged son--whom the waiter thoughtfully seated in a place where I could watch them without having to crane my neck or reposition my chair.  It is always interesting to watch people eat, but nothing provides more interest than the sight of a tableful of fat people tucking into their chow..........When food is before [fat people], they lower their heads and hoover it up......The boy, I noticed, had a double heap of [desserts], the greedy fat pig......As the tubby trio waddled past my table, their chins glistening with chocolate......" 

Obviously, I left bits out, but this is the gist of it.  I'll not read the remaining 3/4 of the book this was in, nor the three or four remaining books of his in my "to be read" pile that was  beside our exercise bike.  Oh, wait........fat people don't exercise. They just eat.  Clearly, I'm going about it all wrong.   

  Some random images I've come across in Google searches for "fat" this and that.