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Hi!  I'm Xylia, aka Hellbelly Deluxe (Hi Chubsters!).  I'm fatasstique, thanks for asking!  I am an American trying to learn to use British spelling, so bear with me as I leap back and forth between the two.  I am literate...I promise. 

Life is difficult for all of us, but being a fat woman makes it even more so.  I'm not apologizing anymore, because frankly, I've reached the point where enough is enough.  If you're not there yet, you will be.  If you're old enough to be reading this, then you should be, at the very least, mildly pissed off.  If you're not, then there's still time.  If you're an adult female who has never once  declared "Enough is enough, damn it!!", then you've clearly done something wrong.  Go to your room, put on your big girl panties and don't come out until you're ready to be a real woman. 

Enough, I say!

It's okay to be fat.  Really.  You're not a failure. You're not repulsive.  You're not stupid or lazy or irresponsible or lacking in moral fibre.  You're not what "they" (the bastards!) try to make you think you are.  It's okay to feel good about yourself. You can do things just like the real people do and if they don't like it, then......well......... they don't like it.  Big woo.  Are you going to let that ruin your day?


I'm not living in a dream world. I know that it is much easier to build up defences against the attitudes and comments of strangers than it is to overcome the hurt your family and "friends" can inflict.  A lifetime of hearing things such as "I only say this for your own good...." when what is really being said is, "I'll love you and approve of you and stop being embarrassed by you if you stop being fat and ugly"  tends to stick with you a bit.  It's hard to overcome the conditioning.  Some days it all comes back to poke and nudge and smirk at you, but we can handle it, right?  Damn straight, we can.

Your typical fat woman, right there

It's hard, but you've got to get past it all, because if you don't, "they" win.  And we can't have that.   So, develop a big head.  Build your ego up to near mythic proportions.  Know that you're fantastic.....nay, fatasstique!  You are absolutely fatasstique just as you are, so go out there and knock them on their tight, toned and proudly displayed for maximum viewing pleasure asses. 

This isn't about encouraging fatness.  So, if you're a feeder/feedee or a gainer who found your way here, keep moving.  This is not a fetishist/dating/if-you're-going-to-be-fat-then-at-least-have-the-common-courtesy-to-be-sexy-about-it site, either. 

Oh, no!  Morons don't find me sexy!

This isn't about dieting.  If you feel the need for that there are already an obscene number of sites telling you how to be thin and acceptable and live happily ever after.  'Cause they work so well.

This isn't about telling you how to be the "right" kind of fat woman.  You don't have to tuck in your shirt-tail or bare your arms or wear a bikini to accept and embrace your size.  It's about being comfortable with being yourself, not living up to what anyone else says a truly liberated fat woman would do.

What it is about is just being.  Being fat, to be specific.  Carry on...











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