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Here's the Link.  I just can't get my brain around this enough to write something out. 


Two strikes and you're out

The Telegraph reports in November 2006...

"Big Brother has an ambition: to become Big Nanny. The Government wants to introduce a 224 million 'Children's Index', a massive database of every child in the country, charting progress from birth to adulthood and flagging up "concerns" about each child's development. Two "flags" on a child's record would trigger an official investigation into his or her family."  One of the things families could be disciplined over?  "...would be if the child were not eating the requisite, government-approved amount of fruit and vegetables each day."   What shocks me most about this country is the amount of drinking, yet I see very little in the media about that.  It's pretty obvious that a lot of what I read on the BBC site is caused by the consumption of alcohol, yet if it is mentioned at all, it's just as an accepted fact that shit happens when you drink.  No streaking off onto tangents about the "alcohol epidemic" or how we as a nation are on the verge of ruin over it all.   Binge drinking is just having a good old time, huh?  We got into a cab in Brimingham a while back, and the driver questioned us right away about where we went to drink.  When we told her that we didn't drink, she was genuinely curious over what we DID do.  As usual, I'm totally confused about the ways of the world.  Link


Just in case you don't KNOW you're fat

Naveed Sattar, Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow, says that women's clothing size 16 (waist size of 88 cm or 34 inches) and over should have "warning" labels with obesity hotline numbers sewn in to them.  He also wants them attached to all clothes sold with waists over 102 cm  (about 42 inches) for men, 94 cm (about 37 inches) for boys, and 80 cm (about 31 inches) for girls.   For those of you only familiar with US sizing, this is equal to a US size 14.  He also says that new urban roads should only be built if they have cycle lanes, and new housing complexes should be constructed only if they have sports facilities and a park like area for exercise, junk food advertising should be banned before 9 p.m. and yadda, yadda, yadda.  I'm sure it's just an oversight that we haven't heard of the strategies and humiliations he has suggests for dealing with those pesky little size 0 people.  Witch hunts continue, just in different guises.

Delta Zeta, or Barbie's Campus Playhouse

In February of this year (2007), the national sorority Delta Zeta decided to do a little house cleaning at the Depauw University chapter. Their official story that we're supposed to blindly buy into is that they were worried about declining membership and a negative image at the Indiana university.  So, apparently their answer to this problem was to clear out 23 of its 35 members in a move that was blatantly based on size and ethnicity.  Now, there's a gooood move if you're worried about falling membership....get rid of the ones you already have. The sorority's spokeswoman says that all 35 sisters were interviewed and 23 were deemed not sufficiently committed to the sorority.  These 23 included every single member that was fat, as well as all the only Black, Vietnamese and Korean sisters.  Oddly enough, the only ones capable of showing that they were like, sooooooo committed were overwhelmingly thin, pretty and blonde.  Let's see.....35 minus 23=12.  It's stunningly clear that they were deeply concerned about falling membership numbers.  Then, in a move that warms one's heart and makes one blurt out "Hell yeah!" because revenge is so, so sweet and it's a rare treat to see it so swiftly and satisfyingly executed, six of the remaining 12 members walked out as a show of solidarity for their sisters who had been so cruelly humiliated.  Now our equation is 12-6=6.  Good job there, sorority mafia. You're sorting out the problem admirably.  Soon you'll have no members.  Ooops, well looky there.......you don't.  Bye bye bitches.  You managed to bring about the closure of a Depauw sorority that had been founded in 1909 because you took it upon yourselves to fix a problem by laying the blame on the blameless.  Justice has been served, and it's a little tough to chew, huh? 

I'm putting a link here to the CBS site.  This page has a short video interview with three of the ousted members.  I really think someone at CBS should have thought a bit more in depth about the way it was edited.  There are three girls, two of which were told to leave and one who left voluntarily in protest.  Who do they interview?  The thin Caucasian one who left of her own free will.  Link

Sometimes you just don't believe what you're hearing

I've never seen American Idol in my life, but it's practically impossible not to know something about it if you pay any attention to news at all.  So, I knew who Jordin  was by seeing her photos here and there.  I suppose Meme Roth got  jealous that a young black fat girl was getting so much adoration and attention and had to stick her incredibly snooty, ill informed thin nose into it all to get her some, too.  That's the only halfway plausible reason I can come up with for her actions, because it certainly wasn't about concern as she so condescendingly claims it is.  Listen, bitch, here's something to be concerned about.......YOU.  You and your kind are the ones destroying the health and well-being of the  impressionable young girls you say you're trying to protect from the horror of seeing an obese (OBESE?!?!) Jordin winning a talent contest and therefore becoming a role model for young women.  I'm just at a loss here.  I hardly know what to say because it is just so preposterous and so demeaning and such a pathetic attempt by some thinner-than-thou media suck up to get her face into the news.  I understand it's reached the point to where Roth is getting death threats.  Here's a thought........being a bitch on national television is harmful to your health.  If that's your oh so righteous concern for the world, and when you look at Jordin what you see is diabetes, heart attacks, blah, blah, blah....then look at yourself and see what you are.  It's ugly......nice and thin and ugly as sin. Here's a link to the Youtube video.....  Link




















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