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Let's take a little trip through the internet, shall we?

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About Face   Fighting the media for all women

Adios Barbie   A size acceptance site for every body

Big Fat Facts   What every fat person needs to know

Charlotte Cooper, UK fat activist   Writer, swimmer, chubster

The Fat Femme Mafia  Acting out

Fat!So?  We all <3 Marilyn

International Size Acceptance Association   Acceptance and activism

Largesse  The network for size esteem 

Nolose   GLBT revolution!

the Real Women Project  This is what it's all about 

Stacy M. Bias  Activist, educator, entrepreneur


Art by Beryl Cook   Infectious, flamboyant fat art...not for the boring

Frederic Neema Photography   Proud To Be Fat series

Isabella and Friends   Sculpture and jewellery by Dari Walker 

Fernando Botero  Round and warm 

Janet Rotenberg  Colourful paintings that celebrate

Jed Doughtery  Fantasy art 

Lucian Freud British painter and printmaker

The Mudd Women  Lovely small sculptures 

Niki de Saint Phalle  I adore this


Bad Bad Magpie  My "this and that" blog

Big Fat Blog  One of the best fat blogs I've seen

Big Fat Deal  Fat blog

Body Impolitic    Laurie Toby Edison, photographer/author Women En Large

Cackle  My pagan blog

Charlotte Cooper   Charlotte's LiveJournal

The F-word. org  Food, fat, feminism

Fat Chic  Plus size fashion

Fat Feminist Livejournal   Get righteously angry

fat fu   Doesn't cut "them" any slack 

Fat-o-matic  Fat blog

Feministing  Oh, HELL yeah

Not Miss Shapen  My fat blog

The Rotund  Body acceptance and politics 

Shapely Prose  Feminist, fat acceptance 

Too Fat For Fashion  Fashion beyond sample sizes

Without Measure  The group blog for the official E-zine of the International Size Acceptance Association


The Anti-craft   Crafts for the rest of us

Crochet Pattern Central  Links to thousands of free crochet patterns

Knitting Pattern Central  Links to thousands of free knitting patterns 

Lino block printing   Gocco printing is all the rage, but this is simple and cheap

Monster Crochet   Quirky crochet.  I effing love this stuff.

Needle 'N Thread   Great embroidery site...video tutorials, lots of links 

Papermaking   Nice simple instructions

Pluckyfluff  Handspun sale site, but lots of inspiration 

Polymer Clay Central   Almost overwhelming, but good stuff

Primrose Design   Embroidery site with lots of instructions, inspiration

V & A Knitting   Knitting past and present from the museum



Camryn Manheim  American actress

Divine  Okay, he wasn't technically a fat woman, but who cares?

Jo Brand  British comedienne 

Kathy Bates  Actress

Morgan Brayton   Girls Like Me

Morgan Brayton videos   Canadian comedienne

Rosie O'Donnell  Don't ever let them shut you up, Rosie

Sabrina Matthews  Ohmigod funny

Shelley Winters  Actress

Totie Fields    Comedienne 


Bryanna Clark Grogan  A vegan goddess

Cooking By Kittee    Kittee=vegan fun with food

In a Vegetarian Kitchen...  ...with Nava Atlas

The Post Punk Kitchen   Vegan recipes, forum

VegWeb  Vegetarian cooking site 


I was a fat kid...     ...and this is my story.  A collection of childhood memories

SizeNet, News, Events, health, shopping and more!  A little bit of everything

TechnoDyke  An online community for lesbian, bisexual and transgender women


Belly Dancing For Big Beautiful Women!  Just what it says! 

Big Burlesque -- The Original Fat-Bottom Revue  Fun

Big Dance!  Modern dance classes and performances

Big Moves...Because Every Body Can Dance  More dance

How to Ride a Bike: A Guide for Fat Cyclists  A guide from Charlotte Cooper 


Aretha Franklin  Respect!

Kimya Dawson   Singer, songwriter 

Ladsyslipper Music   An amazing resource for music by women

The Gossip  Beth Ditto.  No need to say more.


Andrea Dworkin  Hero.  R.I.P.  

Charon Asetoyer  Native American activist

Elizabeth Cady Stanton  (1815-1902)  Women's rights activist

Loretta Ross  National Coordinator, Sistersong

Lunaea Weatherstone  Priestess, writer, artist

Mary Wollstonecraft  (1759-1797) Writer, philosopher, feminist  

Maya Angelou  Amazing woman...amazing voice 

S. Bear Bergman  Writer, performer and educator on gender issues


Bust   Home of Bust Magazine, the Girl Wide Web 

Just As Beautiful  Free online magazine by subscription. 

Little Lotta  Comic book character from my childhood

Pick-up lines for feminists   Poem by Leslie Kartali 

Spinsters Ink  Women writers from every walk of life

Susan Stinson   Novelist and poet

Jennifer Weiner  Novelist


BBW Boutique   Plus size clothing   (US, ships internationally)

Big Girls Wardrobe   Plus size clothing (UK) 

Big On Batik   Plus size clothing   (US, ships internationally)

Curvy Diva   Plus size clothing  (UK)

Fashion Overdose   Plus size clothing (US, ships internationally) 

Fatshionista Flickr Group   The proud members of Fatshionista 

Fatshionista Livejournal  A positive community for all women 

Figleaves  Good plus size bra section

Love Isis   Plus size clothing  (UK)

Love Your Peaches   Plus size clothing (US, ships internationally) 

Making It Big   Plus size clothing   (US, ships internationally)

Monif C.   Plus sized clothing (US, ships internationally)  

Peggy Lutz Plus   Plus size clothing   (US, ships internationally)

sosienna   Plus sized clothing  (UK) 

Sydney's Closet  Plus sized formal wear (US, ships internationally)

Torrid   Plus size clothing  (US, ships internationally)



Art for Housewives  Incredibly full of links and outsider/recycling art 

Softies Central  Cute little time wasting blog about "softies"

Free Leonard Peltier  Seriously. We get it....the FBI is powerful...and very wrong

Graham and Green   Home decor (UK)

Our Flickr 

Selvedge  The most gorgeous design magazine ever 


























Some random images I've come across in Google searches for "fat" this and that.